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A pet is not a toy.

A pet is neither a toy nor an object to make pretty, is an alive being with a feelings, fears and illusions. The people we often lived without thinking with the others and it is a pet still is worse, to part to have satisfied our necessities we would have to think with them necessities of which they comprise of the our family.

He is better not to have pet that never have it bad and coverall to the force and against another member of the family, if this condemned thus this animal to be left.   


The election is ours, we are the owners of the our destiny and of the destiny of our pet, often we do not know to choose, or we did not take time from reflection before making an important decision. To have a pet is an important decision to that somebody said: "if not have children or no, you know that i say to you I will have them if it well always does not go I can give them in adoption" would be saying a barbarism?

Saving the distances much people act thus with a pets and this is the base of the problem of the abandonment´s of pets, not to treat like alive beings.


Quite often one is confused to be good person with demonstrating that you are a good citizen because you have a pet or because for Christmas or after a disaster you collaborate with an economic contribution to a cause.

It would not have to do nothing by obligation, to be good person is not attack, to make damage or not put under anybody, if we cannot have a pet is better not have it because once you welcome them already are yours, is very bad to do you sew them by the gallery.


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